Pro-Trump Roseanne Predicts Huge Story That Will Break This Week, ‘Lots Of People About To Become Woke

It surprised many that former liberal Roseanne Barr ended up switching sides and becoming a strong supporter of populist outsider Republican Donald Trump. However, since Roseanne herself comes from the same working class that she depicted in his hit sitcom Roseanne, she clearly understands how alienated regular Americans became from Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Roseanne has proved to be useful for Trump’s cause by making use of her insider’s knowledge of the leftist entertainment industry to counter their nonstop attacks against Trump and his agenda. She recently detailed over Twitter about how Trump is about to take serious action against innocent children who were exploited by Hollywood abusers.

Wrote Roseanne, “lots of ppl will become Woke AF this week.” She added, “Trump opposes child trafficking & knows exactly where The Locos is-not many ppl r brave enough2 know, or remember or contain the information-most blank out.”

She went on, “I perceived Hollywood’s sexism 2B so pervasive as to not even be noticed-it was class based discrimination, with racial undertones based in anti-semitic sado-spiritual necroPedoism. .” Roseanne concluded, “all that really matters is that we stop the suffering of the world’s innocent children. We can do it bc it’s the right thing 2 do & this is The Age of Aquarius. G0D is with us now. Let’s Roll-”

Conservative site Town Hall backed up Roseanne’s assertion, and stated, “This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?” They also said, “There have been a staggering 1,500-plus arrests in one short month; compare that to less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in 2014, according to the FBI. It’s been clear to me for awhile that Trump would make human trafficking a top priority.” Are you glad Trump is going to take a stand against this horrible abuse? Watch below:

Source: Conservative 101