Carrie Underwood Just Got Devastating Dose Of Karma 4 Days After Publicly Ripping President Trump

Carrie Underwood hasn’t just been a chart-topping country star, she’s always been one of conservative’s favorite songstresses with her American-loving lyrics and family values. That all changed recently when she derailed off into anti-Trump territory, joining liberal Hollywood in their constant attack on our president. The star didn’t hold back when she took her rant public about the president, pulling out all the stops in attacking him on everything she could think to make fun of the Commander-in-Chief who her fans assume she supported or at least respected until her liberal vomit came spewing out.

It’s one thing for liberal actors and rappers to use every public appearance as an opportunity to display their hate for Trump and his administration. That’s expected of this disrespectful, Barack Obama-loving crowd. However, it came as a nasty surprise when typically conservative-leaning country music artists went this route, totally disengaging from their Trump-supporting fan base. We saw this take place at the Country Music Awards show on Wednesday, November 8, hosted by Underwood and fellow country music star Brad Paisley. Both were warned about bringing politics into the awards show and didn’t listen and suffered from that poor decision almost immediately. But four days later, Underwood got hit particularly hard with an unexpected and shocking dose of karma. It’s going to take a while to recover from this devastating blow.

Country music fans who are typically conservative and support our president and appreciate what he’s done to make America great again, lost all respect for Underwood and Paisley after they decided to turn against the fans and the president on stage at the CMAs. With total disregard for who was watching and the CMA executives orders, hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood suggested Trump’s a cheater in a song performance and put on skits poking fun of some things he’s done in the public eye. They clearly crossed the line and the show’s instant ratings plummet proved it, but Underwood just took a really hard fall that her former fans are calling “karma” for her nasty anti-Trump antics.

Dearly reports:

Singer Carrie Underwood recently ended up in the hospital with a broken wrist, after she took a spill down the front steps of her Nashville home.

The accident happened just days after hosting the Country Music Association Awards with Brad Paisley, during which the pair performed a head-turning political twist on her hit “Before He Cheats” (changing out “cheats” for “tweets”).

The song was a dig at President Donald Trump, and some believe the joke came back to bite her.

While Underwood attempted to thank her well-wishers on Facebook after her accident, some fans skipped the “feel better” messages and took aim at her Trump jokes.

“Did not think that you would participate in disrespecting our president. I was disappointed. Hope you feel better though,” one person responded to Underwood’s post on Facebook addressing the fall. “Hey Carrie, keep politics out of music. You really screwed the pooch this time! No one asked you in the first place! Of course, you could always run for president if you think you can handle it,” another former fan wrote on her post. “Winning a contest for loudmouths would certainly qualify you for the DNC. I will never buy your music again. If I hear it on the radio, I’m changing the station,” that same Facebook user added.

Another former fan used the post to give the singer some advice:

“Not a very good way to keep fans. We have to many liberals who feed off these comments with all the fake news. You should retract or stay with the people who don’t respect the USA or it’s leader.” Sharing that same overwhelming sentiment of disappointment, one fan commented, “Don’t know what you said but if you disrespected our president even if someone “ just wrote it for you to say” that is unAmerican and I can no longer respect/follow you. I thought you were above all of that. Very sad.”

While we would never celebrate in someone’s physical accident for any reason, the comments on this post are what’s Underwood’s karma. She’s facing the music of what happens when you disrespect Trump and your fans who support our president and once supported you.

It’s disturbing that not a single awards show in the eight years Barack Obama was president ruthlessly mocked him, as almost every one of them in the past 10 months of Trump’s presidency has. There would be outrage for days if the tables were turned on this. These country stars didn’t listen to the warnings from their show association and didn’t care about those who pay to see them and support their career. These singers are not different than the entitled players in the NFL. They should have learned from the demise of the NFL for going down this same path an now Underwood’s career will likely suffer a similar price for it.

Source: M Political