Jon Stewart Just Said ‘Tough Sh*t’ To People Tired Of Nonstop Nasty Trump Jokes On TV Shows

Former failed MTV talk show host Jon Stewart later resurrected his career by becoming the second host of Comedy Central’ The Daily Show, which became a smash hit with liberals for the way Stewart and others on the show criticized Republican George W. Bush’s presidency.

Unfortunately for television viewing audiences, several other shows copied The Daily Show‘s format and became successes themselves. This has escalated since the 2016 presidential campaign and has gotten so bad that even late night shows have become dominated by hateful, leftist “comedy.”

Many Americans have complained about how these shows are little more than platforms for liberal propaganda, told through jokes. In an interview, Stewart was asked, “For people who don’t share your politics and feel alienated by what they see in TV comedy — who wish we could go back to a more evenhanded era of Johnny Carson — do they have a point?”

Instead of trying to express his point of view rationally, Stewart shot back at regular Americans, “Here’s what I would say: Tough shit. Honestly. The idea that you’ve lost the pleasure of watching Carson? We all have lost that pleasure. I used to like watching Carson, too. But I think that’s a cop-out.”

Stewart ranted, “The people that say, ‘This culture isn’t for me,’ live in a nostalgic world. Those are the people that are the first to tell minorities, ‘Suck it up.’ Those are the first people to say to individuals that are being relentlessly either ostracized or legally threatened, ‘Oh, snowflake, watch yourself.’ But God forbid somebody doesn’t say ‘Merry Christmas.’ It’s the empty rhetoric of grievance, and I don’t feel bad in any way, whatsoever.” Do you think over-the-hill Stewart needs to finally shut his mouth?

Source: Conservative 101