Military Kids Get The Absolute Best Christmas Gift — A Surprise Reunion With Their Father [VIDEO]

Two military children got the best Christmas surprise they could have hoped for Tuesday night when their father returned home from a tour in Afghanistan.

During a break in the Sacramento Kings game against the Phoenix Suns, a brother and sister were brought on to the court to play a game of “hot and cold,” during which they were blindfolded. The goal was to find the Kings mascot, Slamson, with the help of cheers from the crowd, but what they found instead was much more exciting.


After wondering around the court, searching for the mascot, the two kids were surprised by their dad who pulled off their blindfolds and embraced them both at center court.

Sergeant First Class Sean Sullivan had just returned from serving in Afghanistan to be with his family for the holidays, and his two children’s reactions made it clear how happy they were to have him home.

It serves as a perfect reminder ahead of the holiday season to be grateful for the people in your life as well as those that are overseas risking their own lives to protect our freedom.