EVERYBODY’s Talking About The Crazy Thing Trump Wore On His Jacket At The G20… It’s Incredible

While everyone else attending the G20 Summit in Germany wore the G20 pin, it took Trump to dare to be different, and to represent America as a true and strong leader!


Check it out again.

And he showed his dominance, power and strength when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin too!


This was a much-anticipated meeting for all, and all eyes (and cameras) were focused on this meeting between these two very powerful men.

One person who watched the encounter intently was body language expert Lillian Glass. And not surprisingly, her take was that President Trump was the most dominant leader of the two!

In her expert opinion, “Trump [was] completely taking control,”  in the way he leaned in.

She also analyzed the expression on Putin’s face and added, “He is not used to another leader taking control. He is usually the one in control of things.”

Finally, Dr. Glass said that Trump used a power move on Putin, during their second greeting, when he grabbed Putin’s arm when he shook his hand.  Here’s a clip of that:

It comes as no surprise to we Patriots that Trump was the Man in Charge, right?!

Let’s get this SHARED with the world, because the MSM won’t want this getting out!

Source: Liberty Writers