Newt Gingrich Says There’s a Simple Reason Trump Hasn’t Simply Made ‘Sanctuary Cites’ Illegal Yet

While doing a Facebook Live interview on Thursday with Independent Journal Review, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was asked about the hot-button issue of “sanctuary cites” and whether the mayors are breaking the law.

Gingrich said if the mayors of the “sanctuary cities” are giving direct orders to not cooperate with federal law enforcement, then the mayors are breaking the law.

When asked why nothing has been done yet about the cities, Gingrich also said the mayors of the “sanctuary cities” would “love to be martyrs” and to be arrested for a good photo-op:

“I mean if […] the attorney general were to say ‘I’m sending the U.S. Marshall out to arrest you’, they’d all say ‘Can you wait until I call the press? I want to be arrested on camera.’ You know, because in their constituency this is proof of their martyrdom on behalf of the right of criminals to wander the streets.”

He also added this is really just a simple question, “Should the federal government be allowed to pick up a criminal who’s here illegally when they get out of jail?”

He pointed to the city of Chicago as an example, “I never understand Rahm Emanuel. He’s the mayor of a city that had 4,000 people shot last year. Why does he think they need more criminals? You’d think he’d be thrilled that the federal government wants to take these people.”

Source:Conservative Daily