A Man Just Walks Up to Nancy Pelosi on the Street and Delivers 6 Words She Does Not Want to Hear

Future-potential-Speaker-of-the-House (unofficial title until the midterm elections) Nancy Pelosi  has heard her fair share of insults.

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She’s a fierce politician who is known for giving as good as she gets. Pelosi has warned that “hundreds of thousands” will die if Obamacare reform passes. She’s talked about the “cruel reality” of the Trump presidency, and even wished that George W. Bush was back as president.

So when Pelosi opponent Joel Fischer confronted her on a street, he had a pretty pointed thing to say to her.


“Prison time’s coming soon, be ready.”

Nancy Pelosi’s reaction is pretty priceless.

But as for what Fischer meant by his cryptic line, it’s anybody’s guess.

Regarding the American people, however, if the Republicans don’t get their act together, the unpopular-within-her-own-party Nancy Pelosi may be headed for a fate pretty far from a federal prison: Speaker of the House.

Those are some words that are truly chilling for conservatives to contemplate.