One Look At Giant Trump Rally Video Has Democrats Everywhere Screaming

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in Washington D.C. on Saturday to show their love for the president and his administration. The event, called the “Mother of All Rallies” was held on the National Mall, appropriately in front of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

The rally featured a float, flags, performers, and everything Trump! Here’s some highlights:

I like this guys’ shirt!


This looks fun!



Then there was this awesome moment a black rally leader came on stage, blasted Black Lives Matter, and led a chant of “USA!”:


And check out this diverse group of Trump fans on the street afterwards showing their love! (this Twitter users’ comment is sarcastic):


Activists were also handing out these pamphlets of support for our president:


Honestly this whole rally looked like so much fun, unlike leftist rallies which are so full of hate and violence. Democrats everywhere will be upset to see how Trump supporters managed to come together, wave flags, sing, dance, and be PROUD TO BE AMERICAN, and PROUD TO SUPPORT TRUMP!

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Source: Liberty Writers