Right After Manafort Wiretaps Were Revealed, Susan Rice Went On TV And Did Most DESPERATE Thing Imaginable

When someone is guilty, you can almost guarantee the first thing they are gonna do is attack the person accusing them. Now, let’s talk about Susan Rice and the wiretaps of Paul Manafort during the 2016 election campaigns.

It was just revealed that Rice DID, in fact, wiretap the Trump campaign despite telling the American people she didn’t. Not only that, she apparently used a secret FISA order to do it that not even the Director of National Security James Clapper knew about.

So how did Rice respond to all these bombshell revelations that could end with this being hers and Obama’s Watergate? She decided to go and TV and use the time to insult Trump!

Rice talked about how “bombastic” his speech was and how she would not have been so mean to North Korea. Of course, she was really upset by Trump’s insult of Iran since SHE negotiated the terrible Iran nuclear deal.

This is a classic deflection from a woman who knows that her goose is cooked. There is no running from the fact that she wiretapped a political campaign for the opposite side in secret and then lied about to the public afterward.

Should Susan Rice continue to walk around a free woman or is it time to put her behind bars?

Source: Liberty Writers