Curt Schilling Takes Gloves Off, Says How ESPN Has ‘Some Of The Most Racist People In Sports’

ESPN, which has since its founding been a television network dedicated to sports coverage, has instead turned into one of the media world’s biggest hotbeds of leftist propaganda. This was brought completely out into the open recently when an ESPN writer named Jemele Hill tweeted that President Donald Trump is a “white supremacist.”

Possible future Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Curt Schilling has no patience for this kind of rhetoric out of ESPN staffers, particularly after he was fired from a commentator role at the network for voicing a strong conservative opinion.

In a blistering recent interview, Curt called ESPN out for being the true racists. Said the Phillies and Red Sox All-Star pitcher during an appearance on Fox & Friends, “Disney and ESPN have stopped giving all pretense of objectivity and they support a very intolerant, exclusive liberal agenda.”

He continued, “Some of the most racist people in sports are at the station there now and they have a voice. They have always had a voice. My only issue with the entire thing is that they try to hide it as something it’s not.” Schilling went on, “Everything around what the left does is based on your race, your sex, your sexual preference, your color, your religion, how you worship or how you don’t. It’s about identity politics.”

Schilling’s comments echoed ones he made this past week on Tucker Carlson Tonight about how conservatives were shunned at ESPN while he worked there. Described Curt, “We were like one of those secret Hogwarts clubs in ESPN. Behind-the-scenes, people would walk up to me — in my ear and say, ‘Listen, I’m with you on your politics.’ You were afraid to be found out.” He added, “They are an openly intolerant, liberal, progressive, bigoted group of people. My biggest beef is that they refuse to admit it.” Are you glad Schilling is speaking out against ESPN’s racism? Watch below:


Source: Conservative 101