IT’S HAPPENING: Trump Just Got The Best News of His Entire Presidency & Liberals Are Freaking Out

President Trump has been an amazing asset to the American economy ever since he was elected. Even before being sworn into office, his election did wonders for consumer confidence. Americans are spending and saving more than ever before and it is all thanks to the policies Trump put in place.

The economic numbers are in and the growth in staggering. The GDP grew by a record-shattering 3%, which was previously thought to be impossible.

This is amazing news for Americans who have been suffering so heavily under the crippling policies of Barack Obama.

Being a businessman, Trump knows how to get us back on track. This tax plan is the first step in doing that. Luckily, consumer confidence is higher than it has been in years which is already putting more money into American pockets.

Hopefully this kind of good news will continue to come in after the new year. We are on track to break economic records in 2018 and that is all thanks to the Trump administration.

We are seeing what a Republican president can do when they have the tools to be successful.

Source: Breitbart