Reporter Tried to Compare Trump to a Murderous Dictator, What Sarah Huckabee Said Next Made Him SHIVER

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has to defend President Trump from constant liberal attacks. She holds her ground and puts them in their place everyday, and this explosive moment is no different. (Video Below)

Matthew Nussbaum of Politico tried to compare President Trump’s with two murderous dictators.

His reason? Because Pres. Trump has been critical of the media and those dictators are also critical of media.

Nussbaum said Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and Phillipino President Rodrigo Duerte recently used the term “Fake News” to describe the media in their country, and he implied Pres. Trump is responsible for this.

He asked, “Is the White House concerned at all about authoritarian regimes adopting this phrase ‘fake news’ to try to delegitimize the press. And does President Trump bear any responsibility for the popularization of this phrase among some world leaders?”

These men have killed thousands of civilians combined, and the reporter is comparing them to President Trump??

Sarah glared back at him and responded with this:

“I think the White House is concerned about false and inaccurate information being pushed out to mislead the American people. I think I made that clear yesterday. In terms of other leaders, I’d have to look at their comments to be more specific on what they’ve said.”

…But our concern is making sure that the information that the people receive in this country is fair and accurate, and when it isn’t, that it’s corrected and corrected in the same fashion in which it was first presented when it was wrong, which is very rarely the case.”

Hearing her shut down these biased, loaded questions never gets old. WATCH this clip then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!

Source: IJR